Australia’s leading Alternative Asset Manager

As one of Australia’s leading Credit Asset Managers specialising in asset management and credit, we are committed to making a positive impact to our community.

With seven decades of proven credit management, La Trobe Financial  has funded over $34 billion of investment for more than 168,000 customers.

Our investors include large global institutions, Australia’s major banks, family offices, fund managers and c.95,000 everyday investors in our award-winning Credit Fund.


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Driving positive impact for our clients, partners and communities

In doing our jobs, we believe we are assisting in the creation of safer communities, creating direct and indirect employment and assisting many under-served customers build wealth.

Read more about our commitment to ESG and how we are making a positive impact.

World in hands


We have built a deep reservoir of trust with our investors and have genuine conviction in the resilience of our strategies through market cycles.

Critical to our success is the quality of our assets and our highly disciplined processes. Over time the quality of our assets continues to improve, which is reflective of our broader market footprint and the disciplined active management of our credit analysts and portfolio managers.

  • Our 150 dedicated credit analysts observe conservative maximum Loan to Value Ratio (LVR) constraints (80%) with a current weighted average LVR of 66.9%, resulting in significant levels of ‘prime’ credit.
  • We have the most diversified funding program of all non-banks operating in Australia, comprised of a combination of bank term investment mandates, warehouses, a A$7.5 billion retail Credit Fund and public RMBS capital markets funding, with capacity to fund in excess of 12 months of originations at any point in time.
  • At the height of the pandemic, La Trobe Financial successfully reopened the global RMBS markets for non-banks in May 2020 with a $1.25 billion RMBS issuance with no direct government support.
Others before self

This simple value binds us to our core mission of helping clients to obtain financial independence. It is our strong conviction that home ownership is the foundation of financial security.

Read more about what we have been doing through our community work and our ESG commitment and how we are making an impact.

Our Values


For seven decades we have been a trusted partner for more than 205,000 clients.


We strive for excellence in all areas of our business, from our innovative product offerings to our personalised service.


Every person across our business is accountable for ensuring the best possible outcomes for our clients.

Make a Difference

We embrace our responsibility to give back to our community and we are committed to a diverse and inclusive workforce.

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Meet Our Team

How it all began

Founded in 1952 by Ray O’Neill with the steadfast belief that home ownership was the foundation of financial independence.

“The opportunity to acquire your own home is a central tenet of our economic freedom and a measure of our success as a country.” – RK O’Neill

From 1952

La Trobe Financial was founded on 6 August 1952 and named after the first Victorian Governor Charles Joseph La Trobe, who was recognised for his fair dealings, decisive leadership and vision. La Trobe Financial seeks to bring the same characteristics to its lending and investment management business.

La Trobe Financial Permanent Building Society was formed in September 1968.

In 1975, the Group’s retail deposit taking operation (‘La Trobe Permanent’) was acquired by Hotham Permanent Building Society (later Challenge Bank, now Westpac) to focus exclusively on wholesale mortgage banking operations.

In 1978, La Trobe Financial Foundation was established to support individuals and organisations dedicated to improving the economic and social conditions of communities in need. La Trobe Financial acquired several smaller loan management operators during this period of tight credit.

La Trobe Financial received the National Award for ‘Innovation in Housing Finance’, presented by Australia’s then Prime Minister the Hon. R. J. Hawke in 1986.

In 1990, La Trobe Financial pioneered the LITE DOC® loan product, a first in Australia. La Trobe Financial established a dedicated Funds Management Division.

La Trobe Financial obtained a Securities Dealers’ Licence from ASIC for a retail investment offering in 1997.

In 2008, La Trobe Financial opened an office in Shanghai, China.

In 2010, the La Trobe Australian Credit Fund 12 Month Term Investment Account received a Gold Medal from Money magazine for ‘Best Mortgage Fund in Australia’.

La Trobe Financial opened an office in Sydney, Australia in 2011.

La Trobe Financial announced a strategic partnership with Blackstone Group in December 2017. Under the deal, New York-based Blackstone, one of the world’s leading investment firms took an 80% equity stake in the La Trobe Financial Group.

In 2020, La Trobe Financial successfully completed a A$1.25 billion RMBS raising, effectively re-opening Australian debt capital markets after the coronavirus pandemic took hold and confirming Australian residential mortgages as a global safe harbour investment. Strong local and global demand for the issuance meant no investment was required from the Federal Government’s Australian Office of Financial Management.

In 2022, Brookfield Asset Management acquires 100% interest in the La Trobe Financial Group of companies.